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Similar to me. Company decided to change the job descriptions and put myself and the other configuration analyst guy on notice. He stayed, I got pushed (surprise surprise, he was earning about 3k less than me. That extra 3k? I was the only one who could write Crystal Reports).

It very rapidly became clear that the "new roles" were actually exactly the same as the old roles, I have no idea if they ever managed to replace me. But I did get to go back for a few days when they called me up a week after being let go. Turns out they needed some Crystal Reports rewriting, and no one else there knew how to do it. I gave them a figure that was exactly double my previous salary. You could hear the shock at the figure over the phone followed by, "but...". My response? That's what you paid me as an employee, now you pay contractor rates for a Crystal Reports Developer. That was very satisfying when they got back to me an hour later and agreed to pay what I asked.

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