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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we had a few of those days out, mainly to keep the "Investor in people" sign up in reception. When we went on one 'teamwork' edition, I made sure that I was in the same group as my fellow engineer, let's call him 'Dave'. Anyway, we were set a series of tasks. Dave and I agreed to take turns distracting the group of H.R. people, accountants, sales guys and telephone sanitisers, while the other one of us solved the problem. E.g. while Dave chatted to the group, I rescued a teddy bear from inside a (supposedly electrified) 10 metre diameter circle by making a dog catcher out of a scaffold bar and some rope. Whole task took about two minutes, breaking the previous record by about 40 minutes.

Anyway, the whole day's missions were finished up in less than an hour. We didn't learn very much about working as a team on the course, but the rest of the day in the country house hotel bar made up for it. The H.R. lot never invited engineers to their away days after that.

We didn't get laid off though. That came c.10 years later when an American firm bought us out. I got a H1 visa and went to California to put one of them out of a job as revenge.

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