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Sysadmin trained his offshore replacements, sat back, watched ex-employer's world burn


Only been made redundant once thankfully, but it did come with a nice slice of schadenfreude.

The CEO decided, against the advice of the CTO, that all future development of applications could be done by the off shored developers. Only one UK based developer would be retained to work on the framework that underpinned these applications. The rest of us UK based developers - who had been complaining about the poor quality of the off shored work since day one - were let go.

Two months later an article appeared in El Reg about a certain ecommerce website and automated phone ordering system that was billing customers for the wrong orders and losing other orders. This was what I had anticipated, since the off shored developers had kept on putting state into stateless framework components. They'd only test with a single transaction rather than many concurrent ones, and were then clueless when that inadvertently shared state (including payment card details) fskced everything up in production.

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