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HPE supercomputer is still crunching numbers in space after 340 days

Douchus McBagg

the only SSD's I've seen fail have been in win7 machines where the users (who of course, knew better than anyone else) had enabled scheduled defrag after being told not to. But hey, they know best.

Still running a stack of Intel 320series 160gig jobs as the backend store for a load of VMs. bought in a load of cheap Lite-On 128s and 256s to upgrade all the 200-odd spinning rust equipped lappies in the fleet. All new kit is NVMe equipped. spinning rust relegated to mass storage duties in the datacentre.

how would you rad harden an SSD? you'd have to re-cut the flash chips individually on a different substrate? wrap them in depleted Boron-11? dunk it in water?... oh wait...

Love the "Radish" PCB prints. used to be an easter-egg hunt; opening kit. Find the dev's names printed in the circuit traces, or song lyrics, or jumper pads/pins labled "free beer"...

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