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Whilst I upvoted you, its not that simple.

BT is a spin off of the GPO. A government created and run organisation.

It is more or less a natural monopoly, and, as such needs regulation in the public interest.

A LOT of that legacy copper was paid for by taxpayers.

These are pretty much accepted 'facts' by BT and government.

The question has always been how to achieve regulation without taking financial responsibility.

OFCOM is the best attempt so far. It has defined, and it is largely accepted, that the openreach network of comms infrastructure should be run for profit but in the public interest.

And that mesns teh parts that ARE open to competition, - the ISPs at te far end pof that structiure, are not treated differentyly. And that inclusdes BT.

It is nonsense to say that 'BT did this' or 'BT did that' The GPO created the network, and BT extended it, took profit off it as a monopoly and invested that profit into becoming a media company. And a business services company.

It seems a reasonable position to say that if that is what BT wants to become, it should not use the profits of Openreach to do it. Openreach is the monopoly part.

Splitting it legally is a small step towards at least ensuring its decisions are taken independently of BT the media and business services company.

Full flotation as an independent entity is hopefully down the line. Although as many have pointed out, that pension fund...

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