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Where in my comment did I use the word hate?

As for progress, there is no reason why progress could not be incorporated into any of the OSs MS have produced over the last decades if they had planned to do it that way.

However, their business model until W10 has been the system of selling a 'Totally new improved' OS every few years because it is a standard marketing method. With ten they realised 'as a service' would have the potential of producing updates more frequently which they will be able to charge for.

Whether any of this is progress depends on the offers and what the users actually want. For now 7 is adequate for me so anything that 10 has to offer is irrelevant, when support ceases for seven, ten will become relevant and I will progress to ten.

A great many new offers from sellers are not necessarily progress just different.

There is a good chance that come 2020 I will migrate to linux and MS can fuck off with its growing telemetry.

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