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Both Western pop & Western classical music (aka the common practice) use the same structure, which was developed by fiddling about over a period of 400 years. Strictly speaking, there is no difference between a Mozart symphony and a Madonna song. Note the "Western" i added to "music".

Which Schoenberg do you refer to? Schoenberg of the Gurre Lieder or the atonal Schoenberg? Schonberg himself was very aware of the limitations of his atonal system, that is why, when using it, he composed very short pieces. His pupils, e.g. Alban Berg, were more audacious (Cf. Berg's Lulu).

"sounds better": Western music sounds, it does not sound "better" or "worst". However, the effect it has on your psychical system is another matter.

What those experimenters could have done is work with composers trained in the common practice, or read Schoenberg's Structural Functions of Harmony, or get acquainted with Schenkerian analysis.

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