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Here's why AI can't make a catchier tune than the worst pop song in the charts right now

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Lots of people here seem to confuse catchy, original music with unremarkable, derivative tunes (of which even humans - even quite talented ones - produce a lot more than of the former) and emotionally charged personal interpretations that resonate with the listener with flat, strictly by-the-book playback (a master composer's work may be a lot less palatable played in a mechanic fashion but it is still distinctly original and a masterpiece).

I believe machines are going to need a good approximation of the human experience to produce the former kinds (for which strong AI is only a prerequisite), but I see no reason why machines couldn't produce the latter kind which is nothing but variations and mash-ups on existing material - it would still need to sound acceptable in a non-random sense and that's still a non-trivial problem, but would require exactly zero "creativity" - coincidentally about as much as mediocre human output contains.

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