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Engineers, coders – it's down to you to prevent AI being weaponised

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Does this mean that my fancy 65,000 objects per second image recognition system which I designed and coded all by myself with its 4 x 4096 by 2160 of 32-bit or 64-bit pixels at 10,000 FPS camera arrays attached to my 200,000 item terrain, person, building, animal, ground/air/space/submersible-vehicle vector-based object recognition database SHOULD NOT be attached to my colleague's Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT)-controlled electromagnetic-coil-based linear-induction rail gun system which pulses said linear EM coils every 10 nanoseconds shooting 3 metre long aluminum oxide ceramic coated (for massive 4000C+ resistance against aerodynamic heating) tungsten and steel rods that are accelerated to 160,000 KMH (100,000 MPH) with a kinetic energy of 10,000 KG (11 US tons or 22,000 lbs) at up to 6000 rounds per minute (or faster!) in metal-storm configurations.

AND....That maybe I should NOT attach that rail gun system to my pure SOBEL-edge detection-based vision recognition system for fully autonomous flight control which then uses said rail gun system to cut multiple 300 km long, 200 meters wide and 50 metre deep trenches around ANY targets I feel like! Ya Mean THAT sort of Powerful A.I. War Machine System?

Naaaahhh.. instead, I'm gonna attach my system to my other colleague's CNC-machined bi-pedal and quadrapedal robots and let them go all Terminator on my targets letting THEM figure out what and/or who to hit.........

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