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Our company works like the proposal, it seems - we are 100% fully owned by the parent company, but have our own board and are fully independent, so we can make decisions (any decisions) without having to go to the parent company for approval.

The only thing that bounds us to the parent company is money - wages are paid to staff by the parent company, and our yearly budget is set by them too, which requires higher-up board members to make a case for such-and-such/fully justify every year.

So if it's going to follow the same, Openreach will be fully independent and no the BT board won't have a say in any decisions beyond having a person or two on the board of Openreach (if that). BT will be handing out the yearly budget though, with Openreach having to justify the planned expenditure every time it comes up.

So it should work out OK without having the hassle of forcing BT to fully spin the company out.

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