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"There's plenty of evidence that they do have benefit. How many attacks has OBL launched this year? None, because he's dead. How many of his own people did SH gas this year with chemical weapons? None, because again, he dead. And so it goes."

As I said, this type of argument is moot because there is no counterfactual. However it's not too controversial to say that without the power vacuum post SH's removal that ISIS would never have emerged.

In the case of OBL it was a targeted incursion on a known terrorist mastermind. I fully support his termination with extreme prejudice and body dumped at sea. But that's not the same as lobbing a missile at a house because the occupant fitted a profile based on AI which most probably is not as smart as is claimed.

*Incidentally* Genuine question that occurred to me - If a target is flagged up as a probable terrorist, and if there is good enough surveillance on the target to know when he's at home (because you wouldn't want to waste a missile on his home if he's not in! ) then why not attack when he's 'at work'?

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