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it's that even people cannot decide on the ethical standards that should apply in all this.

Yup - its why ethics, for all intents and purposes, is just a county of orange people near the sea.

Better to have everyone agree to some sort of normative standard of ethics before things get out of hand.

The problem is people have very different ethical standards and frameworks and everyone thinks theirs is the right set. Thus, people will never agree a common set.

Asimov's three laws seem uncontroversial enough.

You'd think so, but they're no use for an automated weapon - quite the opposite.

Take Toar Bora as an example - wallpoing it with bunker busting bombs (daisy cutters, if you will) means we want everyone inside dead, whoever they may be. A series of small autonomous drones that could navigate the caves killing those inside would have been ideal, and less destructive to the surrounding area.

Like it or not, Terminator style Hunter Killers are coming. And the people building and deploying them will consider doing so perfectly ethical when they do.

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