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People die because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time,

Seems to me that: People die because of *us* being in *all* the wrong places at the wrong time!

Why does a 1'st world nation spend it's youth, talent, ressources and never mind those billions of USD obsessing on the ways of a bunch of 3'rd worlders in far-flung places that are basically no threat at all to anyone?

Especially IF that other "we", our "allies" and those "intelligence"-community factions bent on regime change did not arm them and point them in the general direction of someone "we" don't like and then every.single.time once again are shocked and surprised (since nobody ever gets fired or even shot for these things) when "our terrorist freedom fighters" turn out to be just "terrorists fighting freedom" - like, egg.actly as it said on the tin!

Institutionalised stupidity is what this whole "war on terror" has become. And with Mr. Flip-Flop Double-Down on Failure now running the show, it can only get worse. It is not a big wonder that democracy doesn't exactly has the ring of quality that it used to have!

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