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First a disclaimer/background. I'm a former US Marine who put time in Vietnam. Read into that what you may but this is from my perspective.

Maybe instead of blaming the AI, blame the "fog of war"? Crap happens. People die because of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, It goes back to beginning of human civilization and warfare. Yes, war is hard on civilians. Always has been, always will be. The tactics used by Al-Qaeda are no different than that of the honored Resistance and others: Hide in civilian populations and damage the other side as best you can.

We look back at wars since wars started and civilians have always suffered the most. Ancient times, whole cities were slaughtered and destroyed. Move forward to WWII.. carpet bombing of cities with incendiary bombs, etc. The atom bomb drops. Come forward some more and we have My Lai. Currently, we have terrorists, etc. still targeting civilians.

Does this justify civilian deaths by either side? No it does not. One would think that AI does have the potential (once it's truly AI and not the current BS) of the AI giving choices and then a human selecting the targets that things might get more finely grained. Having said that.. we still have the a-bombs targeting cities.

As has been said, "War is hell". What's needed is either we as humans mature and find a way not to need war, or at the minimum, not take out civilians. I don't see the first being accomplished in our live times but maybe the second... maybe.

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