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We have

created something powerful beyond measure. If it is used by the minds of evil and power-hungry men, the legion of dead and the scope of destruction will be that never before seen by all tribes in the kingdom. We must refuse to make this for the wrong reasons. We must only use it for tools that improve the quality of our lives. We need a name for this new material on which so much is at stake. We shall call it metal.

And so it goes in this ever-repeating matrix fractal.

Everything that can be used to wage war and kill people, IS used to wage war and kill people. It is the unfortunate way of humans. Depressing as that is, it means it can not be stopped. No way, no how.

Debate all you want, scream, cry, wail, gnash teeth, write letters, create websites, self-ignite, agree to treaties, but, in the end, it will be all for naught. Because, while the debate was raging, they kept working and it is simply too late, even now.

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