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"That's because you're trying to conflate two seperate and unrelated issues."

You made the claim that whether one believes the troops should be there or not should not be a consideration with regards to their safety. I'm merely pointing out that the troops being in a war zone is 'de facto' the primary source of danger to them, and therefore it is by far the first duty of army leaders to only deploy soldiers if absolutely necessary. I think that is incontestable.

"You've assumed, without any evidence, that the current deployments have zero beenfit"

You seem to be assuming, also with zero evidence, that these deployments do have some benefit. Of course I don't have any proof, because this is one of the things where a counterfactual isn't really possible. But history has countless examples showing that terrorists are more easily beaten by political dialogue than by military force. And those are facts and has nothing to do with my supposed "idealism and poltical views "

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