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"but in fact in cases such as Yemen they are replacing soldiers on the ground."

Thereby preventing them from being killed and maimed.

Perhaps instead of targetted drone strikes that unfortunately also kill some civilians, we should just take out the entire village, town etc? No, then ground force invasion must be your solution?

Some of the comments here are ridiculous. No one in the West wanted the ISIS caliphate to be set up and start terrorizing populations. Should we have let them just commit genocide against the Yazidis? Not our business? Charming attitude. Drone killings are a much better option to random bombing or ground invasion.

As was said above, if you don't want your civilian family killed, don't shelter with them.

There is nothing wrong with the basic concept of weaponized AI, if it helps to more accurately target the other side (yes, "the other side". It's a valid concept). The alternatives lead to higher casualties and threaten our own military.

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