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What we should think about ...

What I find strange is how so many are quick to jump the "All humans are evil bastards" rant. I have to respectfully disagree, just like any "evil people" situation is that we are forgetting that those who generally make it to the top of the stack are sociopaths or psychopaths and they don't think like normal people. These people strive on strife, they enjoy driving us crazy with ridiculousness and we bite every time, then we spend the rest of time calling ourselves evil and destructive.

Most people are good nature'd (which we often call naive or gullible), fair (which again we call naive or non-business savvy) and giving (which we just call foolish). How many times have you heard of a business practice that is morally reprehensible but we call it "SMART"... the word that should be used is "Manipulative", "Subversive" or just plainly "Psychopathic". We need to give credit where it is deserved, do you notice the guy who cut in front of you or the guy who let you in front of them... for sure its the former not the later. When you start noticing how many good things happen on a daily basis you will see it out weighs the bad but that is only if you notice it.

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