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"If you wish to be martyred, stand and fight like a conventional army. If you're frightended of dying, well, stop picking fights with other nations, and stop blowing up their civillians"

Well, thats' useful advice to the downtrodden citizens who are victims of a dictatorship. Maybe the French Resistance should have faced the German army, tanks and all, on the field of battle, just so it wouldn't be so inconvenient for Himmler to root them out?

Just as you say, everyone has their own moral code, so maybe your moral code is fine with blowing up people who may or may not be 'terrorists' (by whose definition, anyway?). In my book, targeting people to kill them just because they have a different moral code than my own is not OK. If they do try to come to my country and blow shit up, by all means do whatever is necessary to stop them.

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