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"Our countrys first responsibility is to the men & women we send to war - whether you believe they should be there or not is completely irrelevant to that point"

This sentence makes no sense at all to me. If a country's primary responsibility (or one of them at least) in military matters is to take good care of the soldiers who put their lives and limbs on the line to protect our security, then surely the very first duty to those soldiers is not to send them into situations that have zero net benefit (and probably even negative net benefit) to the security of the country.

Secondly, you make the categorically wrong assumption that drones are supporting soldiers on the ground, but in fact in cases such as Yemen they are replacing soldiers on the ground. WTF is the US doing in the Arabian Peninsula anyway? Oh yes, helping to prop up the corrupt dynasties that sell us their oil by running after a 'terrorist' group that has almost zero international scope and is really is a local insurgency.

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