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Re: Dual use is hard.

"And it'll also get used by 'our side' "

The use of the phrase 'our side' is one of the big problems here. Dividing into us and them is what makes it easy for a half-trained army operative to press the red button. The AI said that it's 'them', and that's that. Being fed over-hyped claims about the AI capabilities doesn't help of course.

Yes, any technology developed for whatever reason can and will be used as a weapon. But ultimately there is a guy pulling the trigger, a guy telling the guy to pull the trigger, and a guy* further up making damn well sure that triggers get pulled on command, OR ELSE. And these guys specialize in creating an us vs them. Classic divide and rule. Just don't believe the arseholes peddling this shit.

*It's almost invariably a guy

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