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What does this achieve? All they've done is show how laughably easy it is to get pictures of women without bikinis on*. From experience I know that it's even easier to get pictures of women with bikinis on, so why bother burning CPU cycles for this? If people want either kind of picture they will just go and get them, all we have here is something that creates twice as many images as there used to be (three times looking at the sample!) thus making it even easier to find pictures of women. Producing more porn, however soft, is not a solution to porn. I'm ignoring the fact that porn doesn't even need a solution, right now these people don't even understand how pointless their approach is.

*interestingly, this shows how poor Google are at AI and ML. Type "women without bikinis on" into their search engine and it gives you nothing but women with bikinis on (safesearch was off).

Even more interesting is that for a laugh I asked Bing the same question, given its reputation for finding nothing useful. After turning off the safe search which gave me a warning Bing happily showed me a massive page full of boobs and more. I may have to give Bing one more shot ;)

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