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I stated on a Linux forum that the year of the Linux Desktop was upon us!

TOTAL flaming!!! I vowed never, ever to mention the year of the Linux desktop. I also learned that a huge number of Linux users like being in a niche market and don't want to be mainstream.

However... the joke of the Year of the Linux Desktop is not so funny any more. See, with the release of the ARM based Pinebook I made the argument that ARM and Linux were the way to go with the consumer less tied to Microsoft and office than once they were. I said there would be a "Pinebook MKII" That would compete with Chromebooks, operate like a Chromebook but would allow for the installation of standard Linux apps.

I was nearly correct. Instead of the ARM Linux Chromebook competitor arising Google themselves saw the light and are in the process of developing/opening up ChromeOS so as to allow for the installation of standard Linux apps.

Given just how popular Chromebooks are - outstripping sales of full laptops by a steep margin and generally replacing the laptop at home - the public are already choosing their "laptop as appliance" ARM/Linux based cheapo device. Given Joe Public only really wants a content consumption device with very little creation... the Chromebook (and I am NOT a fan of either Chromebooks or Google) is not the future, it is the NOW!

Microsoft can't get into the ARM market because, worthy though Windows 10S might be, the ARM apps are not there while something like 60% of Linux apps are already ported over. That's rather game over for the home laptop - sans, of course, the power user who needs Photoshop ... it always reduces to Photoshop for Apple and Windows!!

Everything I said in my hated post turned out to be correct except... I had not factored on Google working it out for themselves! [It was bizarre, it was almost as if hey read my post and went; "Hang on! He's right! We gotta move. The timing was bizarre! I'm sure they didn't.. there was no way, it was just wild how Google did what I expected someone else to do... exactly when I thought they would do it.]

Yeah, I feel vindicated. Not 'arf!

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