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I am prejudiced. Oh-ree-ehn-tayt sounds like an elephant fart.

Actually it sounds worse because flatulence can still be funny. You know what isn't funny? Guys givingpresentating presentations during meetings where I work, in the USA, using it even though it's incorrect in the USA, and now I can't even imagine correcting them because I am trying to stop the tide. I can never know whether the examples they are following-- the users whose usage they are learning from-- are from another country where it is legitimate. It's like the legitimacy is more or less viral, while the correction isn't-- unless all the Brits want to let the Murkins tell them they're doing it wrong. It's got a diode.

So the elephantine flatulence becomes colloquially legit over time and there isn't a damn thing I can do about it. THAT is the horror that is on me, whether or not you were wondering. On the side, of course it was all my fault-- to announce non-correctness without referring to my favorite naughty-list of English errors, which agrees with Ashley_Pomeroy. Could have avoided this.

Maybe I'll just start saying and typing limitated because it imitates imitated, but why should the absurdist protest stop there, or anywhere? Adaptate, citate, recitate, excitate, visitate, temptate, plantate, instrumentate, quotate.

Come on. Lamentate with me.

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