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"Anecdotally, among countries with a great deal of censorship are Apartheid South Africa, [...]"

In about 1972 the South African Post Office had to withdraw the new telephone directory for an area near Cape Town. The problem was a Kodak advert with a picture showing a young lady sitting on a couch - talking on her phone. She was wearing an extremely conservative two piece bathing suit - hardly rating as a bikini. That was what caused the religious/conservative protest.

That and more were satirised in the Cape Times newspaper by David Marais. His anthology of 1972 cartoons was titled "All The Nudes That's Fit To Print". NSFW? The cover is one of a series of cartoons referring to the police raids on naturists at Sandy Bay in the Cape.

Amusingly at that time the women on the beach in Durban had bikinis that were hardly more than a few pieces of string.

Apparently in that era some towns in the Transvaal still enforced bye-laws mandating that men and women had to be at least 18" (0.5m) apart in the public swimming pools. There was a publicised case of pool officials insisting that an 18 month old toddler must wear a swimsuit.

The Jo'burg Star newspaper gleefully quoted a clergyman of the state NGK religion - who had apparently said "If God had intended us to walk about without any clothes - we would have been born naked".

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