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Frictionless Border Beer.

Frictionless Border Beer.

Tasting Notes.

Originally thought up to be one of those aspirational low alcohol beers by a soft drinks company, that is meant to appeal to all. It's their first dip of the toe into the low alcohol soft drinks market and it shows.

It's completely flavourless with gammon, even though it was designed to appeal to all British tastes, it's not even as good as the best selling EU brewed equivalent yet the SRP is double the price. Its unique selling point "a novel new beer that hasn't' been attempted before anywhere in the World before".

Very cloudy, opaque even, when poured and overly complex. From the description, you really can't make head nor tail of it. Very difficult to define the overall market they are going for, not much appeal. Far too expensive for its own good and unlikely to see any real delivery before 2030, due to production problems, lack of tender to produce at scale.

You'd do better to stick to with your usual EU brand of beer, all told.

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