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Lewis was conditioned by the Edwardian era that had promoted over-indulgence in food for those who could afford - and often a poor diet of fattening food for those who couldn't.

He was writing when the emancipated flapper fashion styles of the 1920/30s were accompanied by women particularly being encouraged to do exercises and eat healthily. This was followed by the austere, but healthy, food regime of the 1940s - with many women now doing the physical work previously reserved for men. Most women film stars of the day were certainly not gamine waifs.

Since the 1970s the general UK population has been increasingly fed on fattening diets - with a significant reduction in physical exercise in their daily life. In the last 20 years many in the population have achieved a level of obesity that far exceeds that of previous generations. The catwalk models' style of emaciated "heroin chic" was a fleeting phenomenon in recent years - and rarely seen in the streets.

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