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Batch Tuesday

"Batch Tuesday"

Tasting Notes.

A secret recipe - known to be a somewhat vomit inducing bitter-sweet ale based on a recipe of a large multinational in Seattle, after buying out what was, a successful Finnish Brewery.

The recipe is changed monthly on the second Tuesday of the month. Best described as work in progress. Multiple flavours, none of which is particularly enticing.

Can often take all night and into the early morning to drink a single bottle. Your brain often ends up as mush, constantly checking to see if the contents are finished, hoping the non-responsiveness won't last.

Best thing you can say about 'Batch Tuesday', if you manage to get through to the next day with no ill effects, you'll be somewhat relieved. Oddly though, some can't wait to try next month's batch to see if it's improved, treating the beer like an endurance test.

Store upright as contents liable to leak.

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