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Boss helped sysadmin take down horrible client with swift kick to the nether regions

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And from a cold and sunny South Africa I would like to wish Simon all of the best with his new Job, and at the same time welcome Rebecca.

Let us now do a Shanbar Ritual toast.


Excerpted from a treatise by Boos Myller, the traditional Shanbar Ritual Toast consists of four steps:

1 - Here's to us!

2 - Who's like us?

3 - Damn few

4 - And they're all dead.

Before each sentence of the Shanbar Toast, the host offers the guest a glass of some drink (e.g. rye, wine, etc., but not Illumynade). The guest then suggests a toast. The host recites the next sentence in the toast and raises his glass. The guest drinks first while the host waits. Finally, the host drinks his glass, and begins the next step by offering another drink. The first two or three steps of this intricate drinking ritual with our highly potent local rye is enough to make you drunk. Getting past the third step is the key. Remember, don't drink and drive!

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