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Once Upon A Time......

.......there were overnight queues outside stores where fanbois (and girls) stood in line to buy a shiny new copy of.......Windows 95!


The Micro$oft-created software was cr*p then, and it's cr*p now, but in that shiny long gone past, Micro$oft actually were a "lifestyle" brand for some people.


The strangest thing is that almost all of the GOOD software under the Micro$oft brand was designed and/or written by other people:

- they bought and re-badged FoxPro -- a really good dBase clone

- they bought and re-badged Lattice C

- they bought and re-badged Multiplan

- they bought DEC staff and based Windows NT design on ideas previously developed at DEC

- they bought and re-badged Powerpoint -- well maybe a bad example!


As others have pointed out, most, maybe all, of the Micro$oft-created ideas have been awful -- Bob, Windows Millenium, Windows Vista, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, "the ribbon". And it's not clear that buying companies like GitHub will return the company to the "lifestyle" glory days of 1995.

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