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Enjoy your fruit

“Fruit & veg should not be placed in proximity to fresh fish.“

Reminds me of one of my previous jobs when a flight came in on a Spanish airline we had a service contract with.

Opened the hold and according to the loadsheet the cargo consisted of mostly fresh fruits mainly strawberries. We noted there was also HUM, ie. Humain Remains, so probably an expat in a box being repatriated. HUM was always seperate, and as verifed by the load sheet.

Once the hold door of this narrowbody aircraft was open (no containers, just loose loaded stuff in this aircraft type), we saw the HUM immediately...plonked right on top of boxes of fruit by Spanish loaders who were probably under pressure to let the aircraft depart according to it’s slot! As it was taken out, we noticed that the HUM box had been leaking a bit!

Enjoy your healthy fruit and 5 a day! Don’t forget to wash it well or better still buy local, pick or grow your own!

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