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What if tech moguls brewed real ale?

Paul Stimpson

Suggestions from the night shift

Torvald's Expletive Laden Rant - Finnish craft export bitter

DHCP - Distinctly Hoppy Craft Pint


USB - Universally Stout Beer

Ankles Tangled & Twisted (AT&T) - Outsourced IPA.

Core Dump - Late harvest cider

PoE - Pint of Excellence

Asterisk BoIP (Beer of India Pale)

SaaS (Sauce as a Service) - Golden ale, provided by someone else


Git Push - Strong ale; a real fighting drink

Facebork - Another strong, dark ale.

Turing's Bombe - Finely crafted tribute to Alan Turing. It's not quick but the results make it worth the wait.

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