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Adobe can join Microsoft in hell.

"Adobe too has made subscription access so cheap that pirating seems petty."

"There's no point even in pirating it"

Depending on which version of Office365 to decide to be victimized by, it's $70 to $150 a year. Every year. The sole exception is Office365 University, $80 for four years... but it only has two installs compared to regular Office365's five, and, as far as I know can't be renewed. The real price of Office365 depends on how many years you use it. I, personally, have an Office365 University install. LibreOffice is almost good enough to replace MS Office now; I figure that it'll improve before the four years of my subscription are up, and MS won't be seeing any further money from me.

When last I looked Adobe wanted $60/month for Creative Cloud. That's $720/year.Not happening. This machine had Creative Suite 5.5 installed; everything except Adobe Acrobat Pro X is gone, now, and Acrobat will soon be gone, too. I paid $1000 for the 'education' version seven years ago, and have got my money's worth out of it. There is no way that I'm going to pay $720/year. No.

And $720/year is NOT petty cash.

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