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Microsoft still longs to be a 'lifestyle' brand, but the cupboard looks bare

Terry 6 Silver badge

As to Lifestyle. In Microsoft's Office Home versions they long ago included Powerpoint, something every SOHO user needs like a they need a rubber can-opener, but excluded Publisher, which is an ideal SOHO product for producing leaflets, birthday cards, invitations etc. that the SOHO user can use a lot.

Which is to say, they are persistently clueless about what home and small office users would need. Which I guess is why they gave us Windows 8.x, "mixed reality portal" (whoever thought of that name deserves to be buried up to the neck at low tide and left for the fish), the realistically uncustomisable "Ribbon"* and Bing.

Whereas the WinPhone was potentially a winner. Almost all of us who used them liked them, but MS couldn't bloody get the thing off the ground and ended up killing it.


*No problem with the Ribbon as such. But they made it much harder/impossible to customise to how individuals work. Like maybe moving a menu element into a different category because that's where it fits in your work flow.

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