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Microsoft can never be an 'aspirational' brand

as long as there are people out side of MS who have been burned by their half hearted attempts at so many consumer things. Zune, Kin and what the did to Nokia still wrankles with a lot of us IT Types.

While what they did might have been ok, they never went all in on the commitment to making them a success.

SatNad and his BOD must look at Apple and heave a big sigh and wonder why it isn't MS leading the way as the most valuable company on the planet (until Amazon takes over that it). What did they do wrong? (don't answer that...)

Yes, I know it is not cool to say positive things about Apple here but they do do a lot of things right from a consumer POV. You buy an iPhone and it isn't obsolete the day after you start using it as what happens with some Android devices. The average consumer appreciates that but we, the IT Literate know that for us, there are better alternatives and actually enjoy poking fun at Apple.

MS has an awful lot of bridges to build before they can even start to become an aspirational or lifestyle brand.

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