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Based on my experience (so, OK, sample of one, self-selected), passphrases made from random words are much easier to remember, yes. I think this is because we have specialised machinery in our heads for dealing with natural language, and while we don't have specialised machinery in our heads for dealing with written language (too recent, evolutionarily) the more general-purpose machinery we've trained to deal with it turns out to work really well. So if you see a string of words in a natural language you speak then you're remarkably good at remembering them even if they are randomly chosen.

This works, surprisingly, even if you have never seen the words before: I just ran my generator for a three-word passphrase and it came up with 'cinephotomicrography franchisal lineation': I don't think I've ever used any of those words, or probably even seen them before, but I typed all but the first without looking back at the window I'd covered.

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