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minimum password reset time

...casually sabotage his own monthly New Password prompts by changing his password 11 times immediately.

Which is why you should set a minimum time between changes - just dont be monumentally stupid about it.

I worked at a place (I.T. provider) where they had set the minimum time to longer than the maximum time on one of the customers systems.

Result - Impossible to change password. Do the server team give a shit? no! they arnt the ones dealing with outraged and frustrated customers and setting everyones password for them manually - no small task on top of my extremely overworked day. This went on for months. I attempted ease the situation by asking questions like "Hey guys, what are the actual password rules as people seem to be struggling". I was met with vague shit like "oh , its gotta be 8 and have a number in it, i think"

It took for me to dig out the gpo editor , dig into the AD and find the policy - and the problem and wavi it in their faces.

I said that like they then did something about it didnt I ? no such luck , no shits were given , they couldnt see the issue?!? It took more weeks of cajoling and bitching upstream.

First job I ever resigned from without having a new job ready.

My girlfriend worked there a few months longer , doing the accounts , and suddenly had a load of extra work when their accounts server died with no known backups , all data lost and they had to re-enter what data they could find from whatever paperwork they had filed!

This is an I.T company! That sells backup solutions!

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