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retarded rules on password

"I should have known he'd come up with a daft suggestion like that. This is the bloke who would casually sabotage his own monthly New Password prompts by changing his password 11 times immediately and, for the twelfth, reset it to his old one again so he could carry on as before. He even kept his 11 non-passwords on a sticky note attached to his display bezel so that he could run through the same routine in the same order every month."

I have no idea how "pro" security IT don't see incoherent/retarded AND different across multiple systems password rules in the SAME company, with different expiration dates of course, would do anything in favor of security !

Every single staff I know in mine is doing as follows:

- get the magic prefix that works on all systems

- increment the number every change

End of the day, there is virtually NO change in passwords ! It's not possible nor manageable !

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