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Re: Amadeus is a 30 year old goliath

Amadeus is one of a handful is global IT companies, the other big one being SABRE

There used to be another one (Galileo) but it eventually faded into near-nonexistance after a decade of utter mismanagement[1] by the airline consortium that set it up. I worked there between 1989 and 1995.

Main culprits - Unitied Airlines and BA..

[1] Including closing the European data centre, despite[2] the fact that we were much, much better at coding cleanly than the US data centre and then being surprised that only a very small percentage of employees wanted to move to the US.. Apparently, the senior management had thought that most people would bite their hands off for the chance. Also, we were supposed to be the DR fallover for the US data centre which was based right next to the runway at Denver airport. After they closed the UK DC, they set up a DR site in the US - right next to the existing DC.

[2] Or, more likely, because of.

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