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I just want a phone with a decent battery life, that's not filled with bloatware. Over that last 4yrs I've had a Mot G2 (4G) and Wileyfox Storm and now a Moto G5S+. The only reason I bought the G5S+ was because the battery started to bulge on the Storm and I was due to go away 4-5 days later and needed a replacement immediately. I paid 30% under retail for the G5S+ and it's a decent enough phone that can last 2 days easily.

Then I decided to strip down the Storm to see how it was built, and actually use that little speciality tool kit I bought last xmas... I discovered that the battery wouldn't be that hard to replace, so I found one and ordered it... Currently waiting for it to arrive. So my Storm will be repaired and I'll probably give it to my mum to replace her G2 (my old G2).

Given that I replace my phones every 3yrs on average (unless they fail in some way (storm after a little more than 2yrs)... I couldn't give a rats arse about all the new must have 'shiny' features... I just want a phone that can make calls, send txts and messaging, browse the net without slowing down to a crawl and take reasonable opportunist pics when I don't have my proper camera with me... if it can do all that and make a charge last a couple of days... I'm good... I'm good... and most phones these days across the high budget to mid mid range can do just that perfectly well.

Not to mention the money it saves me... I have friends who think nothing of being on a £30 a month contract just so they can upgrade their phone every 2yrs.. some are on 3yr contracts. so that's a minimum of £720 up to £1080 they spend... Meanwhile I spend on average less than £200 every 2.5 to 3yrs and £10 a month for unlimted txts, minutes and 3GB of data (more than enough as I'm on wifi 90% of the time)... Over 2yrs that's less than £440 and 3yrs, under £560... a saving of some 40% or more over friends with less common sense.

That's enough savings to be able to upgrade my gaming computer every two years with a new CPU and video card... or a weeks holiday some where nice... It covers the insurance and car tax for a whole year.

Meanwhile they're still complaining about money being tight and ignoring every bit of sensible, logical and down right brilliant advice I give them.

But then again... phone snobbery and perceived elitism is more important to some than others.

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