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It's not a one-off anecdote. They massively over-funded on Kickstarter in their first campaign - and so unsurprisingly had huge delays in getting their product to their customers. And as far as I can tell, had the same problems with every product launch. It's not surprise - logistics is bloody hard, and presumably they were a techy company which was all about the shinies. But the point is that their logistics never improved and they were pretty much always delays and waiting lists to get them.

And when you say your Pebbles were delivered on time, I presume you mean they turned up when specified to you. But they missed their delivery deadlines for both the Pebble 1 and Pebble 3 - as in they didn't even ship in the same quarter that they announced when they launched the products.

I'm too lazy to look, but I think they also admitted publicly that they had quality control issues with the early model, and had to do a lot of replacing. Again not unusual.

This isn't exactly a unique problem in the tech industry.

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