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Since I have a grasp of statistics, and am a regular road user, the risk of a phone fire is pretty far down the list of things that scare me.

You are terrible at statistics.

Samsung Note 7 Destroyed Car

Samsung Note 7 Burned Man From Pants

Replacement Samsung Note 7 Exploded On Airline

Samsung recall all Note 7

A statistics significant enough to cause a worldwide recall is a pretty big statistical difference.

I'd be more concerned about the fire risks of people carrying 3rd party

You should be concern about both the fire risks of 3rd party and 1st party batteries. They are both chemically stored energy, which can release energy quickly, which in terms means it has safety concern.

Whilst the very rare occurrence of a burning phone can cause injury, it's very unlikely to cause death

Just some burn, on the face, on the pants, on your kid, it didn't cause any death! no problem. /s

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