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I don't know what the best use case is for you. Consider these:

Why do people use smartphones over older cell phones?

Me: I like having my email there. I listen to podcasts on the go, and the phone can just download them rather than my syncing something to get them. I like that GPS is just on the phone. A feature phone doesn't do that. For me, the reduced battery life is worth it.

Someone else: I need to have facebook and twitter open at all times. A feature phone can't do that, so smartphone it is.

Another person: I like basic photography, and the best cameras are on smartphones. Also, the photo software on phones is most convenient for me, rather than syncing my photos to desktop.

A fourth person: I want to watch video while I commute. I need one of those massive screens to do it, and a strong data connection. For all those reasons, a feature phone doesn't work.

None of these people agree, and they probably have different kinds of smartphones, but they all have one.

As for smartwatches, I technically own one. However, it is a $20 watch (the Xiaomi Mi Band) which I use as an alarm clock. It vibrates instead of making a sound, which I like. It can't annoy people, even if I've forgotten to turn it off and I'm not there when it goes off. It can do notifications and has fitness tracking features. I don't use them. In fact, I'm so used to using my phone for time that I didn't ever use the watch for that. After a few weeks assuming I might, I no longer even wear the thing except for an alarm.

Others might want the fitness tracking. Others want the GPS on your wrist. Others want the voice assistant. Others want the watch to play music. Many others don't want any of these use cases, either mine or the others. That's a thing that you decide.

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