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"Frankly, it'd be nice if sensibly sized (<= 4") phones of decent spec were to become available again"

My phone, Moto Z play (5.5" screen) died a week or so ago while on holiday so had a few days to think about what to replace it with. As emergency measure when I got home I went back to my previous Nexus 5 (5" screen) and was amazed how small it seemed. That said, I had thought of getting a Moto G6 (5.7") or G6+ (5.9") but ended getting a Nokia8 (5.3" + Nokia ringtone!) and think I'm happy with the size. Meanwhile, my wife wont use a "smartphone" as a phone as she thinks they are all too big so for a phone she uses an Alcatel "feature" flip-phone and has a Moto G5 with no SIM card as effectively a mini-tablet (though side effect of my phone dying on holiday was I put my SIM in her G5 and I fear she may have become hooked on the idea of facebook-anywhere!)

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