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"I think that the average consumer has used enough phones in the past to choose the size they want."

I disagree, I think that people buy what the market sells them, I really don't think preferences really come in to it - there's not a single person (other than say, an Apple shill), that wanted the 3.5mm jack removed.

Removable batteries died out even though they made fixing the phone a lot easier.

Phones gained little camera humps to make the phones thinner overall and easier to drop, with slippery, awful surfaces.

Even though you'd then scratch up the camera, and wonder why they didn't just make it flush and fill out the space with battery.

Until the Gemini, there hasn't been a recent device with a reasonably sized keyboard - my wife has been showing several people her Gemini, and many of them wish they had such a device, some have even offered money for it on the spot.

My point is, there is demand for devices beyond the ever increasing slab of slippery glass, but people's preferences aren't so narrow that they'd avoid buying the latest crap regardless of questionable design choices.

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