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Wearable hybrids prove the bloated smartwatch is one of Silly Valley's biggest mistakes

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Still need that "killer app" ?

Unless - or until - a wearable device provides a unique feature (not one that needs a tethered phone or that could be done by a phone alone) we really are looking at silly.

I've become very skilled at calling out future trends. My secret is "What would Jesus do ?". Jesus in this case being an avatar for the man in the street who actually needs value from what he buys. In the case of wearables or "smart" watches, or whatever you call them, the cold, hard truth is that if you have a smartphone, and add a wearable to it, you don't have any more functionality. It's just on your wrist rather than in your pocket.

(I'll leave the famous El Reg Commentards to do something with that last sentence).

If you can think of a feature that can ONLY be delivered by a smartwatch AND which DOESN'T need a phone, you might have cracked it. You'd think techies would understand how logic works.

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