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"Well, a fair few do; there'll always be those folks who want to actually prove they know how to do the job, but they are getting increasingly rare these days."

Yes, I'm one of that vanishing breed. Alas, the reality does not meet your expectation.

Just today, I was asked to assist a coworker, who could not use his notebook's trackpad. It quit on him, he thought it defective.

Despite it being an HP device and a glaringly bright LED indicating that he had disabled the damned thing.

Double tapped it, explained nicely (due to his age) that he had a severe keyboard-mouse interface issue and departed.

While the user, due to the way that I worded things, will feel good, his supervisor, having heard my words knows that the user, despite being hired for a specific high level technical role, doesn't have a clue. I suspect he'll soon have to find a new position, perhaps, as a pizza delivery guy,

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