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"My experience with Windows-minded colleagues is they are more inclined to memorize a list of letters and fill in a multiple guess test than to actually have skills tested, so I don't expect much from these new Azure certs."

My experience has been, two out of four responses are nonsense, two may or may not be a question of which one is least wrong - in the Microsoft manual version.

Not real life.

Hence, right clicking computer, selecting manage isn't an option in the idiotic things. One has to select the pathway the entire, long way.

Useful on a system one really is going to wipe and reimage, but a joke in the real world.

But, that data was insanely irreplaceable... Yet, entirely never backed up or copied to the server's storage array, which is SAN based.

Yeah, I've worked everything from Hell Desk through LAN/WAN, moved to information security. Now, wending my way back to more satisfying occupational activities, BOFH MK II.

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