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"I had to chuckle when I read this. I've done NT4 MCSE, MCITP:Ent 2K8R2' and am 1 exam away from 2K12 R2 MSCE. I just can't be bothered anymore..."

Yeah, know the feeling. Alas, I'm working doing contracting for the US DoD, who are cert happy. Despite Microsoft's pathetic and anemic offerings of most modern offerings. It appears that Microsoft switched from having engineers design the tests to the sales teams doing so. With predictable and pathetic results.

Still, due to my contract gig with the US DoD, I need a cert. So, after perusing lists of test questions and with open laughter, I'll not even bother to study. Indeed, I may well decide to get falling down drunk and pass that anemic test.

This, from the guy who, on day three at a new environment, successfully diagnosed a major AD replication failure that the AD team refused to acknowledge the existence of.

It seems that they permitted some pinhead to install a new DC onto a cheap network path to the entire domain, then after some time, permitted that pinhead to power button remove it, rather than demoting it and shutting it down.

End result, that specific DC had been elected replication roles that now no longer existed and AD in general had no clue that the absence of the former replication hub was now vacant.

All, with end user's access.

Once they read my e-mail, they attained a clue and removed another DC, which was to be upgraded anyway and was a replication partner with the absconded DC, forcing an election.

Bloody hell! I can't wait until the movers get my laser armed sharks here. And the purloined security robots.

Now, if only I could find the urinal electrification kit that I packed...

Moves, can't find a blasted thing!

Found a cricket bat, which is odd, as I never owned one before. But, can't find that damnable electrification kit or my Marmite. Found some Oxo, which is odd, as I'm fairly certain that was lost in our first move, two years ago. Found a foot, inside of a shoe marked Fanny Adams.

The latter, I posted to the UK embassy, anonymously, to avoid potential human rights issues.

Come to think of it, I am now convinced that that isn't my luggage.


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