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>>> The only place I see AR having much of a future is in warehouse fulfillment and roles of that nature.<<<

... This is Fred, at your last business meeting you discussed... you need to talk to him about.... he looks rather nervous...

... This is Jane, you met her at last year's conference in Vegas, she likes gin and tonics and talking about dogs, looks like she is interested in you...

... This is James, he is your son, he always drops in on a Tuesday, don't worry you are just having a few memory problems, you are in your retirement home and people are here to look after you...

The applications are there. Contextual information would be fine, forget the floating daft pictures. The requirements are for contextual speed of processing, off-device processing (too much big data for the device - offload it), not being creepy from a privacy perspective, and most of all - a display/sensory mechanism that is less conspicuous in that it does not involve wearing a pair of welding glasses or a diving mask!

As users of this device will probably say - I don't see it yet. Will it come with a free white stick?

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